Indie at Frome

Indie met the public for the first time at the EVolution Show in Frome.

Looking sparkling and clean in the rain and wind, she was much admired by everyone; the other exhibitors with conversions of their own and visitors who either owned, or wanted to own, an electric vehicle.
Children were very keen to hire out Indie for holidays – thinking that sleeping in the pop-top would be really cool. Adults loved the clean, quiet drive, the ‘tidy’ motor and charging system with the bank of batteries; storing enough energy to drive up to 60 miles before needing to be plugged in. We really appreciated the 'Flip 'n' Sit' seat, because we could sit inside Indie, sheltered from the weather while we talked to visitors face to face.

"Iconic EV awesomness; 11/10!"

"Great idea; 10/10"

"Classic styling, finished beautifully"

Over 30 people reviewed our van for comfort and features with most giving us 9 or 10 out of 10 as they put their names in for the chance to spend a weekend in Indie. Giving us a big thumbs up for the wonderful conversion that is Indie – the UK’s First All-Electric Classic Camper Van.

Indie - The Electric Classic Camper Van

Farnham, England, United Kingdom
Why not try a holiday with a twist? Explore the beautiful Yorkshire Countryside in a classic VW camper, with no fuel, no emissions, just using electricity. Indie is based slap bang between the Nor...

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  • "Well done to all at eDub on an excellent conversion" A. Bairstow
  • "We love Indie and can't wait to go on holiday in her again :)" S. Khanye
  • "Two of my favourite things, made into one. Magic" D. Pepperdine