Indie at Spring Dub

We were very excited to get tickets to the Spring Dub show at Harrogate’s Great Yorkshire Showground. All vehicles VW would be there, including everyone’s favourite classic camper vans and we ware taking Indie!



It was Mother’s day and, instead of breakfast in bed, I was up at six so we could get to the showground for 7am. The day was dry and bright, but very cold, with the previous week’s snow still lying in the corners of fields and where it had been piled up. Of course, because Indie is electric drive, there are no problems starting in cold weather and off we went. Other vehicles baulked at the ramp into the show hall, but not Indie; she sailed up the steep slope and two tight bends without any problem at all.

We were lucky to have a great spot on the end of a row of stalls where everyone coming from the café or watching the stunt bikes had a great view. Along with everyone else we gave our Dub a final polish, put out the flag, flyers, business cards and stickers, finally had some breakfast from the café at 9 ish and then spent the next six hours telling all our visitors about Indie! 

All sorts of people came to see her; children and families who loved the idea of a holiday in her, VW enthusiasts who shook their heads in disbelief at her empty engine bay, young couples who love the classic camper vans without the dirt, noise and inconvenience of fixing a forty year old engine several times a week and camper van owners who admired her ‘flip n sit’ seat and beautiful wooden cabinets. Tall people loved the full sized beds and high, small people loved climbing on the seats - we loved having them as everything is easy to clean and use so parents can relax.

We enjoyed the other stalls too; the accessories for vans, ideas for fitting out for the next one - lots and lots of beautiful VW campers. All the other Dub fans were great – really friendly.

Once the show finished we packed up what was left of our publicity –we had run out of business cards – and drove home, in our lovely, shiny, green, quiet, eDub - Indie.



Indie - The Electric Classic Camper Van

Farnham, England, United Kingdom
Why not try a holiday with a twist? Explore the beautiful Yorkshire Countryside in a classic VW camper, with no fuel, no emissions, just using electricity. Indie is based slap bang between the Nor...

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