Peter Lacey – “I don’t like camping”

What happens when a man who doesn’t like camping, goes camping in Indie, the 100% Electric eDub Classic Camper Van

If I had a bucket list (that’s another story) then I’d feel like there was another big tick on it after this weekend’s trip in Indie.  We set off on a bank holiday Saturday afternoon, and took the scenic route to Hillside Camp site near Thirsk. This site is just under the rising escarpment of the North Yorkshire Moors.  Hillside is located just over 20 miles from eDub HQ, giving us the opportunity to avoid the dual carriageways. We drove with our windows full down – all part of the fun.  It also gives me the opportunity to actually look at a map to navigate rather than rely on satnavs – those were the days!

“within 15 minutes we were in our deck chairs”

We parked up in our space, plugged Indie in to charge. Within 15 minutes we were in our deck chairs on the shady side of the van.  If it had been a bit later in the afternoon we’d of had cold beer in our hands too.  We barbequed, read our books, drank that beer, and as it got dark put up the widow covers to retire to the comfort of the fold-out bed.

“a diversion…which took us up Sutton Bank”

On day two we had to cope with a bit of a diversion for a closed road, which took us up Sutton Bank.  Notorious for hold-ups and struggling vehicles we were greeted by a sign that said 74 closures this year already!  We saw a slow moving queue well before the sharp hairpin bend that usually caused the problem, and gulped.  Fortunately (or unfortunately for the cars involved) there had been a small accident.  As the cars gingerly passed the incident a gap had opened up between us and the car in front. A 25% gradient (up) should have been a problem, so we turned off ‘eco mode’ and accelerated up the hill, Indie made up the space easily.

We arrived at the North Yorkshire Moors visitor centre for a delightful circular walk to the white horse. Gliders were taking off like dragon flies on a warm summer day – which is exactly what it was.

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