Indie the eDub

Indie the eDub is so simple to use, three pedals, one gearstick and one steering wheel. Turn the key and the electric motor is primed for instant torque. Press the accelerator and feel the smooth glide of driving electric.

Changing gear is the same as before, but you only really need 2nd and 3rd. An ‘Eco Switch’ gives you a little boost when you need it.

Don’t fear the hills, even the toughest terrain is no problem for Indie. The electric power brings perfection to this classic.

eDub Trips – Converting classics to Electric power since 2013! 

eDub Trips began in 2013 with a vision to bring electric camper vans to the world, starting with Yorkshire. We now convert other classic cars to electric power with our sister company; eDub conversions.

Your patronage helps us keep building and preserving more classic vehicles, for generations to enjoy.

Indie’s features

A great deal of features are available with Indie

Duel Hob and Sink

2 hobs are enough to cook up a family feast. From spag-bol to steak; let’s get cooking

Full Bed

Indie features a full length double bed top and bottom. That’s right, 4 adults can sleep with ease.

Sleeps 5
Sleeps 5

Up to 2 adults and 3 kids can sleep inside. A full length double top and bottom.

Charge whilst you sleep

Charging Indie is so simple, plug in to a regular campsite charge point and you’re full by morning

Crossing bridge Mother Shipton's Inn 2
Yorkshire on your Doorstep

Two of the most beautiful national parks are literally on your doorstep. Explore more.

speedy Indie
Conquer the Countryside

Indie isn’t used to the slow lane. 2 x the power as the original, hills are no problem.

Indie Looks Great on Photos!

Indie will be a perfect complement to your travel collection of stunning pics.

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