• Take an eDub Trip around Yorkshire

    In Indie, the electric classic camper.

Pick a Trip

All-Electric eDubs can be taken wherever you like. 

Your adventure starts as soon at you leave eDub HQ. You don't have to follow our guided Trips but they are a great place to start. Using our expert knowledge of the local area, we have tailor made Trips for you to sign up for, giving you the best of what the area has to offer in a time frame to suit you. Indie the eDub has a range of up to 70 miles, so we have made perfect trips to fit around your range. 

No Worries

We've sorted the range, the sites and the attractions. Plus, as Indie is all-electric (no nasty diesel here) you don't pay a penny for fuel.

Let us take care of your holiday so you can focus on the adventure.


Beach Trip


Yorkshire's Coast is one of the best in the county. With plenty of beaches to comb, villages to explore and ice cream to eat, there's something for everyone.


Perfect for: Explorers, Walkers, Eaters


Click here for more Beach Trip info




Why Choose Us?

Here's what others say...

  • "Well done to all at eDub on an excellent conversion" A. Bairstow
  • "We love Indie and can't wait to go on holiday in her again :)" S. Khanye
  • "Two of my favourite things, made into one. Magic" D. Pepperdine

Month 3 or 4 Nights 7 Nights
January £350 £600
February £350 £600
March £350 £600
April £350 £600
May £425 £750
June £425 £750
July £525 £950
August £525 £950
September £425 £750
October £350 £600
November £350 £600
December £350 £600